About Azuna Service Center


Mission Statement

The San Diego Japanese Community Center is dedicated to strengthening and enhancing the quality of life in Japanese and Japanese American individuals and families in San Diego by providing individual and family services, community programs, and partnerships with other organizations.

Who we are

Originally starting as an after school language program for children in 2010 as San Diego Town Japanese School, Azuna Service Center extended its programs and outreach to adults and older adults in April 2013. As a 501( c ) (3) non profit corporation, we provide the following:

What we do

*Provide educational programs and classes on the Japanese language and culture and information about the Japanese community

*Run programs and classes for adults and older adults, primarily in Japanese, in order to promote healthy living and social enrichment

*Provide support, networking, and outreach to a variety of minority groups and organizations

*Collaborate with other groups and organizations in the community to strengthen the sense of community

*Rent out rooms to all members in the community for purposes such as classes, seminars, workshops, and meetings.

Azuna-Kai Japanese School


The educational objective of the school is to teach children from their own level rather than placing them in age separated classes so that they can learn Japanese at their own pace.

We strive to help our students believe that learning how to speak, write, and read Japanese is fun.

Our highly experienced teacher will help students learn how to speak Japanese correctly by providing comprehensible instruction.

For younger students, we start by teaching them how to hold a pencil and move on to coloring and working on mazes in order to teach them how to apply pressure on paper.

We welcome everyone!

Cultural Exchange

~A place to speak Japanese & English~ *Currently closed due to COVID 


We will be starting our “Cultural Exchange” program that will be held every Thursday from 6PM to 8:00PM . Any one that wants to practice speaking English &/or Japanese or want to make Japanese friends are welcome!

There are many people that study English and Japanese but are you really practicing what you’re learning? This is the reason why we wanted to create a place where everybody can practice their comnversational skills freely! The conversation that goes on here is not like a class. We aim to create an environment where people can have a conversation just like they are talking to their friends!

For most recent information, please visit our Facebook Group Page:


Start Date: April 9th

Every week on Thursday 6PM to 8:00PM

Location: Sul & Beans 4620 Convoy St San Diego, CA 92111

 * Please use the entrance from the parking lot

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us at info@azunakai.org.
Participation Fee: Free!!
*Note: You can bring your children too!

Board Members

Shuji Masuda

Hisako Tachikawa

Toshiko Takahashi

Mayuko Watanabe

Manami Nakayama


For more information, please email us at info@azunaservicecenter.org.